Why should you try to travel alone?

It’s always like this. You ask your friends to travel with you, but they have one and thousands of reasons why not. They always busy, ill, get married or their fish dead. As a result, you become sad and continue to wait somebody of your friends became free. It’s a long process. So, you can stay at home for 2 years and more.

But, why you should wait, somebody or ask to go with you. If you want to go to Italy now, you should take your stuff and fly to Italy. What’s a problem? You needn’t wait, somebody, because you always have yourself. We give you 5 reasons why you SHOULD travel alone.

1. You have more new friends at trip. When you travel with a friend, you feel like at home. You never became bored because you have somebody to speak and laugh. That’s why you meet with new people rarely. When you travel alone, you need to find somebody to share the feelings and emotions.

2. You won’t be tired from somebody’s problem. When you travel with friends, they always want to eat, sleep, they tired and don’t want to go to the beach because they have a bad mood. When you travel alone, you control your trip. You needn’t calm somebody or persuade go with you anywhere. If you want to live in a poor district of this little town, you will live there. If you want to sleep all day and don’t go anywhere, you will do it.

3.You became brave and responsible. Why do we want to travel with friends? Because when you arrive in a new country with them, you more assured that together you can solve all problems. You don’t afraid that you can’t find hostel, bus station or how to exchange money. But when you come to a new country without somebody, you should solve all your problems alone. You quickly met with new people, learn a new language and map of the city. When you got it, and come back home, you feel like a Super Man who saves the world.

4. You can better understand yourself. We always depend on society. Even, when we deny it. We worry about what our friends, colleagues think about our actions and look. The same when you take somebody on the journey. You always think if he/she like this hostel, country, food, and rest. So, try to travel alone to understand what you really like and what you like because of somebody’s mind. Open yourself and try to forget about all people who you leave at home. It's easier to enjoy life when you understand your wishes and dreams.

5.You will love humanity. When you start to travel alone, your mum can scare you, that somebody kills you and stole your money and stuff. But when you start your trip alone, you will understand that people all over the world so helpful and kind. They open for you not only their houses and families but open hearts and souls. It makes you more open to people in your everyday life.

So, take your stuff and start your journey alone. Enough waiting until somebody’s fish resurrects.