Top Five Countries for Digital Nomads

There are a lot of great countries to go but some of them are especially great for people who try to work remotely and travel.

They call themselves the Digital nomads.

The name "Digital Nomad" was first used in 1997 in a book that was first published by an educational publishing company, "Wiley" According to Tsugio and David Manners, digital nomads can use wireless internet or smartphones to work remotely where they live or travel.

These five destinations are the most popular between nomads.


Thailand for Digital nomads

Of course the list starts with the Kingdom of Thailand. There are so many different reasons why Thailand is top destination for Digital Nomads, but these are the most common:

Thailand's economy contributes largely to it being the best place for digital nomads. It is stable to support an average lifestyle and at the same time developed enough to house even the extravagant.

There is a landscape for everyone

According to Jordan Bishop, Bangkok, a Thailand megapolis capital, has a floating market, urban temples and enough delicious street food.


In Phuket, located next to Andaman Sea and Chiang Mai, next to a pristine mountain, there is a mix of the city and countryside.

Fast internet and good working spaces

Specific places are known for internet access and data transfer are in Basic Hub


The cost of living is affordable. It is easy renting a house or a scooter

Easy going, friendly locals

Thais know how to put their work away and enjoy their time with family and friends. According to Jordan Bishop, locals are always smiling and laughing.


Vietnam for Digital nomads

An article by Shawn Frayo says the following are the reasons Vietnam is a good for nomads:

Non crowded

It has managed to preserve it's rather non-tourist character thus allowing its visitors to stay in a less crowded setting for a longer period on a smaller budget

Its burgeoning coffee culture

Coffee, introduced by the French in the 19th century is the country's main export, thus there is abundant coffee shops throughout its big cities. For instance, the biggest coffee shop chain, "Trung Nguyen" which is staffed with 5-page coffee beverage menu and comfortable sofas provides a convenient and affordable work setting Cities in Vietnam one can work from include:

Chi Minh city, commonly known as Saigon (which is the largest city in Vietnam) because of its affordability, good internet speed and ease in setting a camp

*Hanoi: It has a developed business environment and has a mix of Asian tradition and Western Influence thus comfortable working setting with necessary amenities


Spain for Digital nomads

Sienna Brown, ([email protected]), wrote the following as the reasons why Spain is among the best destinations for digital nomads:

Amazing weather and Landscapes

The weather all year is fantastic and contributes largely to drawing people in. The best seasons to settle in are from September to December and from March to June. The months make the mist of sunny and warm months. Landscapes range from the endless greenery in Asturias to the beach Island of Mallorca

Cost of living

Though the cost of living is not as low as in Thailand, it is one of the most affordable countries in Europe where one can sustain themselves with a modest income.

Innovative communities

One is surrounded by innovative and inspiring communities of like-minded people. In Madrid and Barcelona, there are entrepreneurial hubs and startup communities. In Jovea, Spain on the coast there is a "Co-living spaces like sun and Co" which brings in remote workers from over forty countries to have unique cultural and professional experience during their time

Working space

There is plenty of working space with a conducive environment for one to carry on their work.


According to Olivia Brown, Hungary's main attraction is the rapidly increasing pace of infrastructure development while the cost of living remained relatively the same


Germany for Digital nomads

Berlin, Germany is currently a home of a not-so-trivial number of digital nomads. The cost of living is high but it comes with steep prices. The cost of living ranges at around $2500 - 2500 including rent