How to Overcome Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Digital nomads lifestyle is very attractive at first sight, but there are a lot of pitfalls when you become one. Below are some of the downsides and how to overcome them:

1. Fear of missing out (FOMO)

One spends too much time traveling and working and may miss out on many things. For instance, practicing their hobbies, they have no time to do trivial things as reading a book or socializing. This can be overcome by simply, taking a break. This means traveling more slowly, literally stopping to breathe and allocating time to do simple things as reading a book.

Don’t try to make it all!

2. The imbalance between work and rest:

One works too hard as there are deadlines to be met, clients to be satisfied...

It is therefore very easy to be lost in various new environments, consequently, work. However important it is to work, balance it with healthy living. Practice some activities like daily meditation, take a walk, visit beaches, read some funny articles. Also, remember about good nutrition and have nice sleep. After all, we are here to live our lives and not only work.

3. Distraction

Due to various environments, all with aesthetic sceneries, one is bound to get distracted.

For instance, it is impossible to work when the beach is just within your sight when there is a mountain to be climbed, environments to be hiked in...

Distractions come in other forms e.g. noise. For instance, working from a crowded place, for instance, a noisy coffee shop means that one's concentration will be interfered with when working.

Therefore, a digital nomad with clients to satisfy, getting lost in the beautiful sceneries and all the distractions will lead to goals not reached. To counter this, Be organized to avoid being interrupted during working hours. Have daily short-term goals that you have to accomplish before indulging in other activities.

Work in a conducive environment. Avoid noisy or crowded place like unfavorable coffee shops Develop self-discipline so that when the urge to indulge in other activities is overcome by the need to accomplish goals set beforehand.

4. Friendships falling off

Traveling means living behind friends in the former environment. People often make new friends in their adulthood, therefore, it means as a nomad, it is hard having friends in new places. Also, friends also have factors that play a big role in falling off of friendship. For instance, families, jobs, and careers... Also, as a nomad means that you do not have time for social life due to constant traveling and work-related demands. This means that as time goes, friendship bonds weaken and people drift apart. To overcome this, the following come in handy: Form new friendships in the various environment visited. However much hard it is, one should try making acquaintances with people in the new environment. Maintain former friendships: However important it is to work and meet deadlines, create time for friends. Meet up for coffee even for just thirty minutes, communicate often with them and when possible make visits from time to time.

5. Missing family and friends

As a nomad, one travels so much which means leaving family and family behind due to different environments. Missing of the family comes due to the time that passes without one seeing them.

This can be overcome by:

Making use of social media available. One, for instance, may use "FACEBOOK" to talk to them, video calling them using "WhatsApp" or by use of "Skype" Visiting them whenever the schedule for work is not tight so as to create time with them.

6. WI-FI struggles

For your online work, you will need strong WI-FI. It is frustrating when it is impossible to transfer data, video call with friends or clients or simply having a slow working internet because this means it is impossible to work and meet goals. This is why you should choose destinations that are known for fast internet or simply find new accommodation after arriving, so you could check every place by yourself.

And last but not least: facing some problems doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t do it! The more you travel the more experience you will get and this lifestyle will become easier and easier. Tell us what downsides you have faced and what did you do to overcome it.