5 things which you should do for making your traveling better

Take your ass and go away from the home – it’s not enough for spend time on the trip as good as you can. You should know a few little secrets. Sometimes you feel it by yourself, but more often forget or afraid to do it.

So let’s start our adviser list.

1. Don’t afraid people The main in the traveling are people! They are your goals for any trips. So ask them about the things which you interesting in – traditions, songs or clothes. Ask them to teach you their language or show favorite pubs in this city. It helps you to open not only touristic souvenirs shop but real country's soul.

2. Be hardworking and crazy. When you start your trip – it’s not the time for staying at the hostel. Make a list of places which you want to visit and try to complete it. Moreover, make spontaneous decisions. For example, once we lay at our hostel at Azerbaijan and one man offer us to discover the desert. It was so hot day. But we accepted and spent time great.

3. Give and then you will receive more Remember! People like little cute presents! People ALL OVER THE WORLD like it. When you pack back for you traveling take some presents for people, who will help you in the future trip. They will be impressed by your attention. Give your new friends things, which connects with your country.

4. Say “No” to unnecessary stuff. Yes! You really need this big book about nature and your favorite cup for coffee! But you can live without it in travel! Let them stay at home. Take the most important things. For example, clothing kits for warm and cold weather. When you want to put some things in your backpack ask yourself ‘Am I really need it so much?’ or ‘How often will I use it at my trip?’ It helps you to make your backpack easier and your walking will be quickly and long.

5. Listen to your soul. It sounds like “bla-bla-bla”, but the best way to understand what you really want from this journey – get rid of bad minds and believe that you live NOW! Not tomorrow!